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Love Addicts Anonymous

Step 1

"We admitted we were powerless over love, romance, fantasies and relationships—that our lives had become unmanageable."

"We" reminds us that we are not alone. "Admitted" refers to honesty between ourselves and others. "Powerless" refers to helplessness at this moment in time. It is not meant to mean that were are always powerless. "Our lives had become unmanageable" means that we have lost control.

This step is about honesty and humility. We swallow our pride and get honest about where our love addiction has taken us. Humility is the first step in many journeys of transformation. It is a rite of passage. Please note that we are only powerless at this stage in our recovery because we have isolated from God and our fellow human beings. The power to recover comes back to us as we reach out for help and continue to work the rest of the steps.

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