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Love Addicts Anonymous

Step 10

Step 10. “Continue to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

Step 10 is a continuation of the 4th and 9th steps. Not only must we be introspective about our current shortcomings, and share them with God and another human being, if we have acted out in some way, we must go to the person we have harmed and quickly apologize.

Some people do this step every day after they have retired. They look over the day that has just passed and do a quick inventory. Others only work this step when something noticeable has happened. Some people do this in writing. Others don’t. It is up to you do integrate this step into the discipline of your recovery program. How you do this step is less important than doing it.

This step is meant for events that occur in your current life. If you want to do more work about past events and fear-based emotions such as resentments, you can go back and do another 4th step inventory.

Step 10 is one of the maintenance steps. It helps us keep the serenity we have already gotten from the others steps. It helps keep our recovery strong. Maintaining recovery is as important at finding it. Regression is always waiting for us without proper vigilance.

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