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Love Addicts Anonymous

Step 5

"Admitted to God, to ourselves, and another to human being the exact nature of our wrongs."

Once you complete your fourth step inventory it is time to give it away. LAA is a spiritual program, so naturally we invite God. Our relationship with God comes first. We can take time in prayer and meditation to open up and communicate with the God of our understanding about the exact nature of our wrongs. Then we invite and connect with another human being who will actively listen to our inventory without judging, a person who feels safe to us. This person will be someone we respect, someone you can trust sharing this information with and someone who will be empathetic. Set aside as much time as you need to complete the process. Step five instructs us to admit the exact nature of our wrongs to ourselves at heart level and then connect with another human being to share what we have written. Looking at the harm we have caused ourselves and others, may put us in touch with the exact nature of our wrongs as never before. As we do this, we can see the pain caused by our denial. An honest Fifth Step supports us in our recovery and helps us understand why our lives were unmanageable. Admitting our wrongs to ourselves helps break through to greater honesty, self-awareness and acceptance. Open your heart, your mind, and your soul to this process. Admit everything. Be courageous. Don't take anything to the grave. After the fifth step, take some time to be alone and to be introspective. Step Five opens the door to truth and freedom. Step Five teaches us to be vulnerable and to trust. Step Five is about letting go.

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